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Feeling low and depressed?  Got no one to talk to? Not a problem. The Counselling Centre of the college  offers guidance and assistance in enhancing the self-esteem and confidence of students. Experts here guide you to make major decisions and help you sail through the turbulent phases of life. It is a personal, confidential  one-on- one counselling.

Teacher counsellors handle not just academic issues, but also help  withadjustmental problems, inadequacies and interpersonal relations. The Centre has proved to be an invaluable support system over the years.The Counselling unit of our college is within the precincts of the Department of Psychology. This facility is made known to the freshers during the Orientation programme, just after their admission to the first year. Over the years, both personal academic and career issues have been discussed. Instances of students bringing their immediate family and friends are many. There are also instances of our alumnae coming in for counseling and advice, years after graduating. Faculty members include this service within the framework of their individual time table and give appointments in advance.

Aptitude tests are also conducted when a student desires/wishes to become aware of her area of interest or best potential. Common topics are that of examination and performance related anxiety, health, parental and relationship issues. Sometimes, depending on the topic or the strength of the issue, students are directed to other teachers and facilities for remedial courses and tutorials.

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