Natya workshop was conducted from 25th July to 14th August 2018
Theater activity in NMKRV is designed as an extension of classroom teaching. Aptly named “page to stage” it explores the infinite possibilities that theater can provide to pedagogy and tries to bridge the void that the present education system suffers from.

Not only it is an indispensable tool for imparting skills like empathy, active listening, trust and co-operation in team activities, it also helps in moulding the students’ personalities by bringing a deep ethical dimension to their lives.

The theater wing Natya conducts regular workshops in various activities like poster making, make-up, body language, theater skills and so on during the odd semester and inter-class competitions during the even semesters in which students from all streams participate and compete. Natya organizes inter-class drama competition every year wherein each class puts up a play 45 minutes duration. This fosters managerial and leadership skills of co-operation co-ordination and direction. Students are free to select scripts write and finalise cast and rehearse on campus.

The inter-class drama competitions, an integral part of Natya, has introduced students from all streams to the joy of putting together a play has given them a sense of accomplishment. This initiative of Natya has received an overwhelming response from the students whose participation has only increased through the years. These competitions have helped in recognising new talents who have gone on to represent the college in various theatrical events. The various workshops conducted for Natya students in the different aspects of drama like, script writing , make-up, body language , voice modulation, mask-making have helped students explore their passion for theatre and improve their skills. These workshopshave been conductedby eminent theatre personalities such as Mr.SiddharthaMaadhyamika, Ms.Sheethala.S.Bhat, PrasannaHulasekoppa, MadhusudhanIyer, Prasanna.g (Vamshajaa) and Savitha.r (AvaniVamshajaa). These workshops have enabled the students to perform several dramas like “horatadahaadiyallideemanthamahileyaru” “chomanadudi” “roshmon” “bhrunahatye” “suryaputrakarna”. The latter has bagged several prizes in inter-collegiate competitions both at taluk and district level. Students are motivated to apply their theater skills to other activities such as blood donation camps and protest rally wherein they have to put up skits to create awareness and work for community related causes. The challenge is to motivate students as they need to be enthused to come early to rehearse or attend workshops. The student teams of the college carry an invaluable experience that helps in better academic performance, increased motivation, better helps in better academic performance, increased motivation, better teamwork, crisis management and time management.

Various activities and workshops conducted through the years

  1. Inter-class drama competitions (icdc)
  2. Theatre workshop by Mounesh.L.Badiger
  3. Screening of the award-winning film ‘where do we go now’ for all streams
  4. Five day workshop conducted by Sheethala.S.Bhat in august
  5. Performance of one man show “Pantha” by theatre artist Chaswa
  6. The natya team along with Sheethala.S.Bhat participated in the V India fest auditions
  7. Winners of ICDC also participated in KuvempuAnthara college NatakaSpardha
  8. A day of script writing workshop conducted by Prof.Vathsala.H.N
  9. Theatre workshop by Sri.SiddharthaMaadhyamika
  10. Performance of “horatadahaadiyallidheemanthamahileyaru” by Natya students
  11. ICDC inauguarated by Sri.SureshAnagalli, regional director from the national schoolof drama.
  12. Theatre workshop by PrasannaHulasekoppa and madhusudhaniyer
  13. Performance of Surya Putra Karna play
  14.  Participation of Natya team in inter-collegiate natakotsavaspardha at taluk level where they won first place and district level where they won third place
  15. Natya team bagged the first prize at ‘abhinaya’ a national theatre festival held at cmsjain college
  16. Natya team won several prizes at various competitions held at St.Joseph’s evening college
  17. Participated in ‘rangothri’, a state level inter-collegiate drama competition and won several awards
  18. Gave a special performance directed by JagadeeshShastri for Udaya channel’s siriprogramme on the occasion of women’s day
  19. A day of make-up workshop by AvaniVamshajaa

As part of 2018-19 academic year’s activity. A workshop was conducted to track theatre basics from 25th July to 14th August. A week’s script writing workshop was also conducted.

A short story “Who Was He” by IsmatChugtai (Which is part of the current General English text book) was chosen for its theme of communal harmony and was translated into Kannada.

The Natya students later dramatized the script to get it ready for the staging of the play. The props and sets for the show have been created by the students.
The play is going to be staged on September 29th 2018 for which the students are in charge of the publicity too.

Chugtai’s short story “Who Was He” was selected as it deals with the issue of communal violence, a topic as relevant today as it was in the times of partition.
Set against the backdrop of Partition, the story captures the inane reasons which fueled communal violence, putting people at logger heads with one another, ready to indulge in unimaginable atrocities.

Chugtai shows that it is usually ordinary people who start the riots. Moral beliefs and human values are tossed aside which culminates in humanity torn to shreds.
By creating the role of a mother in the story, who deeply cares for both the children irrespective of their religion, Chugtai personifies the value system of a country where everyone should be treated equally. She becomes the lone sane voice in the flood of communal violence.

The ending where the mother is entrusted with the care of both children, reiterates the benevolent trust.

The creative literary purpose of Chugtai is fulfilled by offering a fresh lease of life.

The children from different religions, who in future will be brought up by the same mother, will probably renew the broken and maimed human ties and usher a new India.



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