Disha - Career Guidance and Counseling cell
The career guidance & Counseling center provides relevant academic and career information for guiding and counseling the students to make informed decisions along the way. The Career Guidance center has been very effective in giving necessary career guidance and developing the personality of those who seek employment. Our focus is to provide learning/training opportunities in the areas of academic, career and personal/ social development and to prepare students to meet their future challenges.

Awareness about the competitive exams is created among the students through various seminar & guest lectures.  Interested students are provided coaching classes for Banking, CAT, MAT, CA entrance examination

Apart from career oriented courses, the College provides other additional skill oriented programs regularly which are coordinated by the Career Guidance and Placement Training Center
Some of the programs are:

  • Interview techniques and resume preparation for all the final year students
  • Career Orientation programs
  • Soft Skill Training programs
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development programs

The Center also provides orientation on better career options by inviting experts in the area to talk to the students. The Career Guidance Center conducts seminars and lectures to enhance the employment potential of the students. It also organizes programs to create awareness about the importance of higher studies in India and Abroad. The Center organizes different programs such as Seminars on Personality Development, Interpersonal Relationship, and Communication Skills etc. for improving the latent skills of the student.

The career guidance center is a source of information for guiding and counseling the students to provide training/learning opportunities in the areas of scholastic career and individual development.

A Counseling Centre has been established in the College. A separate room has been set aside for the purpose to safeguard the privacy and confidential nature required of this service.

Emphasis is given to counseling the students on prospective career options, development of communication skills, personality development, interview techniques, time management, stress management and group dynamics.


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