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11th Annual Conference
New Vistas in Science and Technology for Common Good


About Conference
Science and Technology (S&T) are key drivers of development in the present globalised economy. The progress in the field of S&T has brought unparalleled prosperity and wealth to a significant fraction of the world’s population. Many new technologies have been created, which have changed everything about the way we live, connect, communicate and transact, while enhancing human health and lifespan. These developments have made a phenomenal impact in shaping the life of common manas well as profound effects on economic development of countries around the world. Further, in order to derive maximum output from finite natural resources, S&T must be brought into the planning process.

S&T revolution of the 21st  century is based on new and emerging sectors such as micro-processor, ICT, digital technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology etc. These frontier technologies continue to carve out their niches in the general field of S&. One such emerging field is nanotechnology, which has been creating waves across the sectors. The enabling nature and ability to develop along with existing technologies makes this latest sunrise technology, a more versatile tool to address many key developmental challenges in diverse fields.

Bengaluru is one among the top twenty influential city in startup ecosystems in the globe.The city is also endowed with several leading research establishments like – IISc, RRI, JNCASR, ISRO, IIA, NAL and so on. Considering this, Karnataka Science and Technology Academy (KSTA) in association with NMKRV College for Women is organizing Eleventh Annual KSTA Conference on “New Vistas in Science and Technology for Common Good”  during February 1-2, 2019 (Friday & Saturday) in Bengaluru to create awareness on innovative research and development that are being carried out by young researchers in various institutions. Distinguished lectures by eminent scientists and scholars on various science and technological development are being organized during this conference.


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